ITALY ISSUE 806 Jul 2020

Officina 32 Milan locations

Officina 32 is an exclusive location in the heart of old Milan, a private setting in a courtyard with easy loading and unloading.

It is a multifunctional urban space where the old and the new blend with great attention to details. The old industrial iron windows of the last century and the charming skylight with exposed wooden beams are flanked by touches of modernity perfectly fused to create a harmonious and functional environment.

The space of 200 square meters can be divided into two rooms (Venere and Ercole) by means of a system of movable walls and/or used like a unique space. The two rooms are equipped with a wide selection of backdrops and settings useful for photo shoots, video shoots, casting and any other use.

Officina 32 is equipped with the most recent and performing Elinchrom equipments, flash lights with a wide choice of light diffusers including some very special and unique ones such as the Mola beauty dishes, a world-leading brand in the sector. 

The availability of furnishings, accessories and props combined with the various settings and neutral backgrounds allows you to always create different scenarios, making Officina 32 a versatile location that can be adapted to the most varied needs. The studio has a good daylight thanks to the large industrial windows and the charming skylight with exposed wooden beams. Both the windows and the skylight are equipped with blackout systems.

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