Fabrizio Piscopo’s pictures have been recently published by L’Officiel Lithuania: a selection is featured in this edition of Showcase Magazine.

He is a free-spirited photographer with the aim of enabling people to dream thanks to the images he creates.

In his constant search for inspiration, he wants to explore, feel and comprehend the collective unconscious and the human sensations, so that he can infuse and mold them in his shots. His intention is to understand the matter of which objects and people are made, and to shape it in his photos. 

In the industry for the past six years, he is based in Milan and he has shot in many locations like New York, Dubai, and Cannes. His editorial works are published in print and online fashion magazines (L’Officiel, Dreamingless, Elegant, Kodd, Huf, Fruk, The Model Magazine) and his pictures have been featured by some of the industry leading magazines and newspapers (Top Gear, Il Sole 24 ore, QN Quotidiano Nazionale, Il Giornale, automoto.it, Business People Magazine, Industriaitaliana.it, art tribune).

He has been hired for national and international campaigns by brands like Nestlé, Dallara, Illa, Giannini, Vitality’s and many others.