Etna Productions

Sicily - Full Service Production

"As the season changes in Italy, we reflect on a busy summer and take a moment to collect our thoughts. Etna Productions was involved in various jobs this past Summer. This included producing in Liguria with a German client, Walbasch, and in Tuscany with a renowned Swedish client for a 'top-secret' product release. We also had the pleasure to spend time on the island of Lampedusa for Hikvision, and enjoy the Sicilian Summer with a fantastic job for Decathlon - which saw the team taking advantage of favorable weather conditions that made underwater photography an enjoyable, fun experience!

Etna Productions is also serving journalists who want to produce stories in Sicily. As the weather turns, Etna Productions is still equipped to handle different aspects of your production, from financing and co-production advice, cost containment, budgeting and scheduling, and providing expertise in selecting appropriate locations. We are ready to handle any shooting requirements in Italy, particularly in Sicily."

To find out more about working with Etna Productions, please contact them via email or call Peppe at +39 347 354 9960.