Crocodile Factory

Rome - Full Photo & Film Production Services

"If you want to capture Italy’s essence in photography, you have to look for the unusual, the hidden treasure, the special detail: you have to capture the perfect balance between decadence and beauty. You don’t want to shoot the elegance, you want to perceive it in the overall impression of an image. There is so much to discover once you leave the routes of tourist guides and free yourself to the most authentic and genuine side of the country."

This is what Crocodile Factory offers to their clients: a journey into the unexpected, made of little Mediterranean jewels lost in regions like Puglia, Calabria or Sicily, unique locations in the ancient villages of Tuscany or Umbria, magnificent villas of the seventeenth century located in the splendor of the Roman Castles, mesmerizing towns and landscapes in apparently desolated areas like Basilicata, Abruzzi or le Marche, Habsburg architecture in towns like Trieste or Verona, colorful villages overlooking the sea like in Cilento and Cinque Terre.

Crocodile Factory has been producing photography for advertising, fashion and editorial clients over 15 years. It specialises in finding the perfect location to fit your creative needs and budget. It works out all the logistic solutions involved in a photo shoot.

English, Spanish and Italian fluently spoken.