Gianluigi Di Napoli is an internationally acclaimed photographer whose portraiture work has captured the essence of numerous international talents and high-profile celebrities.

With a client list that includes Ferrari International Magazine, Vanity Fair, ICON Magazine, Corneliani, Sony Music and Universal Music, to name just a few, he has earned a reputation as a go-to photographer for those who demand the best.

His two photo books for international publishers and critically acclaimed exhibition projects, such as 'Nel Cuore di Saltimbanco' and the MASKS project, have solidified his place as a visionary in the industry.

When it comes to problem-solving on set, he's like the "Mr. Wolf" of editorial photography, always able to improvise and exceed his clients' expectations. His ability to establish intimacy and empathy with his subjects, regardless of their background or experience, has made him a favorite of emerging talents and established celebrities alike. If you're looking for a photographer with a cool and contemporary edge, look no further than Gianluigi Di Napoli.