Milan - Full Photo & Film Production Services

"Schmid Productions is a unique service production company for shoots throughout the country. Our promise is that we will offer the most time and cost effective way to shoot in Italy.

In addition to our own beautiful town, we can organise film and photo shoots throughout Italy: modern towns, artistic areas, stunning seaside locations, idyllic countryside, up in the mountains with snow (365 days a year!), or historical places like Venice, Florence, Rome and Sicily.

We can provide complete production services for your projects, from smaller photo shoots to large-scale commercials and TV shows; whether you want to be in a studio or on location, plus any other production request you may have.

Highlights of our service offer include beautiful locations, all technical requirements, the very best Italian film crews, delicious catering and perfect accommodation, and the best local directors and photographers.

Try us out. Our multilingual staff will be delighted to team up with you for your next production in Italy."