Full Movie

Florence - Rental Services & Studio

Full Movie is an innovative rental service headquartered in Florence that offers a comprehensive selection of light, grip, and camera equipment. Specialising in audiovisual productions, their primary focus revolves around cinema, TV and advertising, documentary, and music videos.

Full Movie was founded through the collaboration of three seasoned filmmakers and technicians: Giulio Aspettati, Lucas Berisso, and David Lisi, along with the invaluable expertise of the Movieland group in Bologna, boasting nearly three decades of experience in the industry.

At Full Movie, their core mission is to provide a perfect blend of passion, professionalism, and expertise to cater to all production needs. With their team of seasoned professionals, they handle film equipment on a daily basis, ensuring tailor-made solutions for every project.

Their offerings don't stop at equipment rentals; Full Movie also features a fully equipped studio that accommodates both commercial and independent photo and film productions. Moreover, they provide comprehensive production support services. If you're looking for captivating scenography and custom set design for your cinematic or photo shoot, whether it's on a theatrical stage or at external locations, Full Movie has got you covered. They are also well-versed in advising on the ideal equipment required for any type of shoot.