Milan - Full Photo & Film Production Services

Located in Milan, ROOF stands as a comprehensive creative and production agency, extending its reach wherever there is a compelling story to be told.

"Through a blend of production, art direction, digital expertise, and editorial content, we empower brands to transform their narratives into authentic, tailor-made visions. Our distinctive creative flair, coupled with our extensive background and knowledge in the fashion, beauty, luxury, and lifestyle industries, allows us to craft exceptional results. Embracing research and innovation, we prioritise collaboration with our clients, fostering trustworthy relationships to curate personalised digital solutions that cater to their unique needs.

Within our production department, we offer a 360-degree service encompassing talents art buying, location scouting, postproduction, and rentals.

Moreover, we dedicate attention to digital and online platforms, collaborating with magazines and talents to produce exquisite and groundbreaking images for editorial stories.

Completing our range of services, we have a specialised e-commerce production team, ensuring comprehensive support and closer partnerships with our clients.

Step in, ROOF is your roof."