Robert Randall is an award-winning advertising photographer and director specialising in fitness, sports, active lifestyle and beauty. His photography elicits the feeling and mood derived from the natural beauty and athleticism of the California lifestyle, no matter where in the world he may may be shooting.

Robert opened his first photography studio in Seattle in 1992 and started his career as a fashion and beauty photographer shooting for local magazines and designers. Expanding his portfolio into the areas of fitness, sports and active lifestyle, he began to venture out of the studio and proceeded to get rained out 32 times in one year. He ditched the Pacific Northwest (and the studio) and headed back home to warmer climates in Southern California, and has never looked back.

As a “location specialist” for over 20 years, his assignments now take him around the world shooting ads for companies like Speedo, Anheuser Busch, Kodak, Nordstrom, Clairol and Lancome and editorial for magazines such as Oxygen, Fit and Natural Health.

Robert splits his time between Los Angeles & Denver.