Vijeyabhaskaran Mohan Los Angeles photographers

Young, creative, coffee lover, night owl are the best words that describe Vijeyabhaskaran Mohan (VJ).

Based in Los Angeles, Vijeyabhaskaran specialises in bringing life to products with his unique lighting techniques and creative thinking. His workflow always starts with sketching out new ideas, getting inspiration from everyday objects and even channeling emotions to create conceptual work.

Apart from still photography, his video work is strong, bold and eye catching. By the use of skillful lighting and directing, Vijeyabhaskaran doesn’t only make the product look stunning, he also manages to sell the feeling of owning the product to his viewers.

Recent clients include Notneutral, Trubrain, Simple Green and WonderMother.

Visit Vijeyabhaskaran’s website for more or follow his Instagram to get daily updates on his workflow.

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