Souders Studios

Los Angeles - Denver - photographers

Rick Souders, owner of Souders Studios, is a very well respected food and beverage photographer.  Known around the globe for helping food and beverage clients elevate their brands. Rick is an honors graduate of the Art Center College of Design and has been a part of many award-winning ads and campaigns. 

Rick grew up in the rural high plains of Colorado. He lived in a very creative and inspiring atmosphere. Growing up in a small town allowed him to raise chickens, rabbits, and pheasants. Rick’s passion for food and agriculture runs deep. He appreciates where our food comes from and that has played an important role in his love of food and beverage photography. Today he lives on the Souders Park property in a beautiful environmentally friendly ranch home. 

Rick is truly known an artist in the realm of food photography.  The Souders Team can offer remote art direction if needed, directing, retouching, food styling, beverage styling and propping. In the Denver area, Rick is known as “the Mile-High Food and Beverage Guy.”

The Souders Studios facilities include a commercial kitchen, two studios, five client lounges, three prop storage areas and is super client friendly. Visit the website, email Rick directly, or call 303-384-3128 for more information.