Scott Lorenzen San Diego Corporate, Industrial, Aerial and Architecture Photographers

"It was just six weeks after my last day of high school and my job was fighting wildfires- something I was proud to do in defense of the forests. I later learned the stinging paradox that the very act of fire suppression itself was killing the mountain ecosystems I loved.

In my years since fighting fires I have managed to keep things interesting - I completed a 222 mile solo hike of the John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevadas; organized a rescue of my friends while we were being robbed by gunmen; snuck back into the US from France at O'Hare airport (post 9/11); and cheated death a few times.

All my life I wanted to be a photographer and work outdoors. I’ve driven 285,000 miles shooting for clients throughout the US and covered over 2500 square miles on helicopter assignments. And I hunted down and photographed the elusive 020 Pavilion for a personal project, which won an AIA LA Architectural Photography Award."

Currently based in San Diego with his wife Caroline and their dog Timber, Scott holds is driven by a desire to connect with and convey big feelings and big ideas.

Clients include: Aegis Insurance, Blackstone, Devon Energy, NGL Energy, Radison, Schuff Steel, SVP Partners, Thermo-Fisher Scientific, Williams-Sonoma and many more.

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