MIAMI ISSUE 238 Oct 2010

Brad Stevens Miami photographers

“An unintended gesture, accidental smirk, or that brief moment when eyes say a thousand words. That slice of time, when reality is raw and exposed, is when you’ll hear my camera click. For me, photography has always been about capturing those intermittent, unpredictable moments of authenticity.”

A native Floridian, Brad modelled internationally during most of the nineties, working and living in many exciting fashion markets. After going back to college to take up dark room photography, he began assisting various photographers, learning techniques and methods that he drew from to cultivate his own style and vision. With over 19 years experience in the fashion industry, Brad is comfortable shooting in studio or on location as well as digital or film.

Miami based, he travels for a wide variety of freelance photography work. Taking photos of rock stars and celebrities is cool, but it’s the kids that he enjoys shooting the most. Their innocence, quick-wit and humour makes his job too easy.

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