MUMBAI ISSUE 547 Sep 2015 Singapore - Mumbai Corporate and resorts photographers

Alexander Manton and his team at MotionPicturesAsia specialise in producing large-scale corporate media projects for multinational corporations in Asia. Equally skilled at creating video and photo content, he and his team have shot in every major city in Asia over the past 25 years, with a particular emphasis on the banking, corporate, oil and gas, and hospitality industries.

Shooting both types of rich media content on the same shoot with the same crew not only saves valuable time and money, but also creates a stronger brand identity through visual continuity. Clients worldwide rely on his knowledge of Asia and his ability to bring a global perspective to shoots anywhere in the region, be it in a boardroom in Singapore, a high tech facility in Shanghai, or a trading floor in Mumbai.

Having lived in India on and off for many years, Alexander has a special interest and love for this great country and is actively looking to work with Indian and global clients who need projects shot in India.

Clients include Citibank, Unilever, Caltex, Halliburton, AT&T, General Electric, Ensco, Goodyear, and many others.

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