Cameron Studio Amsterdam photographers

"Creating an image that fits the mood and feeling, communication by pictures is what we like best."

Living and working together in an old schoolbuilding in Wormer, only 15 minutes from Amsterdam, Lieke Heijn and Pim Janswaard have worked for many years as Cameron Studio. They work for publishers and commercial clients such as Albert Heijn, Dekamarkt, Dirk van den Broek, Rens Kroes, Lassie, Group of Butchers, de Hypotheker, Heerlijk & Heerlijk, Shell, ETOS, Volvo, Kraft Foods, Proud Design and many more.

For Cameron Studio, interior, lifestyle, portrait and food photography blend together a lot of the times. By bringing all the right people, Cameron Studio makes creativity flow, with the right light, shadow and depth at the exact moment, shooting the pictures it loves.

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