Ben Gancsos

Boston - photographers

Ben is a photographer who entered the medium by way of the documentary tradition. He honed his skills of observation and invisibility with years of street and journalistic image making, before turning his attention more fully to the constructed environment. Following stints as a staff photojournalist and an institutional photographer for universities and medical centers, Ben has been photographing architecture and interiors for well over a decade.

Ben photographs architectural exteriors, interiors, and people. He works closely with architects, designers, and decorators, as well agency creatives to make images that communicate their ideas and intentions, while granting viewers a taste and feel of the created environments. Wether commercial, residential, or something in between, Ben has been photographing places and spaces, from the boiler rooms to the board rooms.

Based in Portland, Maine, and working throughout the New England region, Ben travels frequently to various parts of the country, as well as abroad. He gladly accepts assignments anywhere in the world.