Welcome to Showcase New England, brought to you by Production Paradise. This issue features some of the leading photographers, directors, and stylists working out of New England.

More creative professionals and facilities for photographic and film production are available in our Boston Photo and Film directories.

Be sure to catch our recommended events:

  • The 31st Boston Jewish Film Festival runs throughout Greater Boston from 6th to 17th November. With nearly 60 screenings and events, the BJFF is a destination to enjoy thought-provoking films and new media, and to join lively conversations with filmmakers.
  • From 6th October to 2nd December, Maine Museum of Photographic Arts in Portland will exhibit Spiritual Ecology, part one. Over the past 10 years large amounts of the works submitted by artists to MMPA deal with spiritual ecology. The MMPA's collection is also shaped by this new movement, and the current exhibition highlights some of the artists they represent that are thinking and making around the topic.
  • Documentary / Anti-Graphic: A Surrealist Eye on Photographs: Through 1st January at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, this exhibition explores a pair of terms devised by the pioneering art dealer and dedicated surrealist Julien Levy (American, 1906-1981), who championed photography as an art form from the 1930s onward.

Our cover was shot by Brent Doscher.