Janelle Munro

Philadelphia - Wardrobe and Prop Stylists

Janelle Munro is a freelance wardrobe and prop stylist based in Philadelphia, who works locally and nationwide.

She has styled wardrobe, props, products, and sets for TV, social media, e-commerce, the web, print and film.

Janelle also occasionally works as a costume designer, having recently costume designed a late 1800s Western period music video for the band Ghost Hounds. In addition, she was the costume designer for the film 'Signs of Love', directed by Clarence Fuller, which won the Corbucci Distribution Prize at the Rome Film Fest in the fall of 2022.

Janelle has recently worked on projects with clients such as: Arm & Hammer, Bank of America, Black Box Wine, Coldwell Banker, Lenovo, Merck, MetLife, and Sling.