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CoreyToons has jumped on the mobile phone bandwagon in a big way with 40 new instantly downloadable mobile phone characters.

You can be a 'Hawaiian fashionista' named Yonji, or just plain Loco... Those with multiple mobile personalities can choose from CoreyToons' new offerings such as the sweetest mobile phone star around, sexy Sweet Louise. She's the focus of the popular 'Sweet Dreams' and 'Sweet Flirt'. Or goof around with everyone's favourite funny man, Calvin the Clown. You could also choose to become royalty and download Elena. And then there are the little green aliens, robots and animals.

Founded by CEO Lee Corey and joined by Creative Director, Nancy Hanover. CoreyToons Studio is 'poised for innovative creativity beyond the mobile phone world'. This includes on-air branding, advertising animations, web flash sites, plus a cartoon series development for 2008.

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