NEW YORK ISSUE 481 Jul 2014

Six Degrees Production New York photo production

Six Degrees Production's primary goal is to comprehensively and successfully address clients' ambitions, concepts, and concerns. As the founder of Six Degrees Production, Maren Oetke is uniquely suited to this task. Seven years as in-house producer for both an advertising agency and a fashion company have provided her with insight and experience into all of the unique aspects of the fashion industry’s advertising goals.

Over the last 15 years, Six Degrees has established reliable working relationships with film commissions, local crews and location companies in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.

An in-depth understanding of production logistics allows the company's production crew to offer a detailed and personal service, not just in these cities, but in any location clients choose as their destination. "Our aim is to support you in achieving your vision."

Latest work featured in this Showcase includes Elegance by Tim Petersen, P+C Kids by Emmet Malmstrom and Ansons by Marcel Hartmann.

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