Cindi Blair Productions, Turks & Caicos Productions and the new Westhampton Locations is primarily located in NYC, with offices in all locations. The company has been producing, casting and providing worldwide locations for over 18 years.

Cindi’s career has always been focused on providing photo and video clients with every aspect of exactly what they need and want. She has been on the photo agent side working directly with photographers, and on the agency side working directly with clients and all media outlets in between.

It was a natural progression for Cindi Blair Productions to grow into Turks & Caicos Productions/Caribbean Island Productions and then expand into the new Westhampton Locations.

Fully dedicated to providing professional, cost effective services, Cindi Blair Productions keeps things moving quickly, efficiently and effectively to ensure that the needs of the crew, budget and production are fully met.

Turks & Caicos Productions is the only on-island production company and has been recognised exclusively by the Turks & Caicos Tourism Board.