NEW YORK ISSUE 602 Jun 2016

Structuredreality Inc. New York photographers

Ben Yomtov is the owner and creative force behind Structuredreality Inc. With over a decade of experience creating images for commercial advertising, Ben has a keen eye for photographic realism and attention to detail.

The combination of his deep knowledge of photography, design, anatomy, and illustration serves as the driving force behind his craftsmanship. This melding of disciplines has enabled Ben to work with some of New York's most in-demand professionals. The gallery featured in this issue is dedicated to showcasing his professional retouching work done for a wide variety of clients. It also highlights some of his personal work that keeps him developing his passion to create.

If he's not contorting pixels to his liking, Ben can be found enjoying the outdoors with his family.

"I enjoy remembering things in my own fashion, imagining and altering them to a reality that is not necessarily the way they happened - but as they could be".

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