Hero Production Iceland

Reykjavik - Locations & Studios

"Summer is here in Iceland with open borders for filmmakers thanks to the actions and responses of Iceland’s director of health. They seem to be working beyond our greatest hopes giving us a reason to be cautiously optimistic from this point on.

Due to the foreign travel restrictions to Iceland, the whole country is now literally empty and offers a unique opportunity, even more so than normal and that’s saying something. The biggest tourist attractions and hotspots are now free of all human interference in pristine surroundings.

Hero has access to state of the art camera equipment that can be utilised by local crews capturing scenes and landscapes never thought possible in complete safety and according to all government containment rules and health regulations.

We are allowing social groups up to 50 people. Studios and production houses now need to embrace a new reality in times of an opponent facing all mankind. This reality enforces a new set of rules on the production industry to ensure safety for all individuals.

We at Hero use those rules as an opportunity to exercise our creativity in film, TV and ad productions focusing on new solutions to drive safe content creation in Iceland.

Using restrictions as an innovative force is our forté and the current situation is no exception."