Aina Chole

Oslo - photographers

With over 20 years' experience as a food and drink photographer, Aina C Hole knows what it takes to get tempting photos without adding artificial additives and effects. Everything she takes pictures of can be eaten and it should contain the original ingredients of the commercial product.

Aina is using both daylight and artificial light, depending on what the client is looking for as an expression. She has built up a large stock of props that can create a unique environment for the client. She likes to work on location and abroad with stills photography and film. Several projects she does include both stills and film.

Aina has been fortunate to have worked with many of the biggest commercial clients in the industry and has been able to deliver content that has won a number of awards in advertising photography and with great commercial success.

Some of her clients are Norwegian Seafood, Shell, Spar, Kiwi, Tine, Diplom-Is, Toro, Coop and Kygo, to mention a few.