Virginia Woolf

New Zealand - People, Lifestyle and Travel Photographers

A natural creator since she was a child, Virginia studied photographic design and trained as a press photographer for a national newspaper honing her craft shooting people in all sorts of situations and from all walks of life, and since then has travelled the world seeking adventure - her commitment to tell stories through her lens.

Her career has seen her photograph luxury resorts in Fiji, fight the advances of a Papua New Guinean chief who needed a fourth wife, eat pig entrails in Japan (followed by lots of sake), and her favourite experience so far - sleeping under the stars in the Sahara. Adventure energises her.

Based out of sunny Nelson New Zealand, she lives on a green hillside, bathed in natural light with an ever-changing view of the sea, and travels for a taste of excitement and exploration.

She loves photographing people, places, and capturing the stories she finds.