Paris - Photo & Film Production

EyeSee is a Paris-based full service production company working throughout France and worldwide across advertising, editorial, fashion and corporate industries. The company also produces moving images, essentially online brand content, following clients' needs and budget.

EyeSee collaborates with clients at every stage of the creative process, providing art buying, casting, location scouting, budget management, accommodation, transportation, crew booking, catering and equipment rental.

Whatever the request, the company's team of highly skilled producers strives to make every production a stress-free experience. Enthusiastic, efficient and cost-effective defines EyeSee's way of working, with the company offering seamless solutions tailored to each individual client.

Recent productions include:

  • Exapaq / DPD - Geometry Global. Director: Philippe Gueguen.
  • Thalys - Rosapark. Photographer: Dylan Don.
  • Cyrillus - Photographers: Olivier Ribardière and Lise-Anne Marsal.
  • British Airways - Swerve Represents. Photographer: Will Morgan.
  • Oakley - Steel Magazine. Director: Cédric Dubourg.