PRAGUE ISSUE 165 Jun 2009

Julia Panyukhina (Bazzy) Prague photographers

Bazzy took her first pictures in the midst of the smoke and soot of Yekatenburg, one of Russia's largest industrial cities. The urban landscape pushed Bazzy to find freshness, vibrant dynamics and a touch of spring to enliven her photography.

She found energy and brightness in the city's nightclubs and on the vivid faces of the guys and girls with whom she transformed life into digital memories. At last, Bazzy was creating new shapes and perspectives, adding colour and light to the world in stark contrast to what she saw during the day in the big dull city.

Since her experiences shooting on the set of a film production, Bazzy has made it her goal to spend the coming years photographing the work of the leading directors, production crews and actors in world cinema and advertising.

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