Baldwin Production Services, Inc San Francisco locations

“My dad was a director-cameraman in New York, my uncle a career editor at CBS news for 30 years for Walter Cronkite and Charles Kurrault, and the women in my life are powerful. I was fortunate to have a strong education, and I came alone to California with a camera, darkroom experience, and a backpack. 

I started as a printer in a huge commercial graphics shop, printing 8 x 10-foot advertising photographs. I joined freelance production in my early 20s as a PA and location assistant with great mentors, and after several years in huge features and commercials, I was drawn deeply into the rapidly evolving print industry. My storytelling and production methodology translated well from motion into stills, as catalogues exploded and lifestyle became a thing. 

The State of California and some major clients recognised my early work collecting and cataloguing locations, and quickly BPS became the largest and most diverse location library in Northern California. I continue to scout every day, building the location files at night. 

I have always loved the rush and urgency of our work, the quirky asks, the deadlines. Every project is unique and sudden, and new challenges are exciting and satisfying, particularly because we can meet them quickly based on our experience and wide-ranging contacts. I love to shoot, solve puzzles, and make introductions. I love to explore, and meet people. My clients are my friends.”

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