Jane Richey

San Francisco - photographers

Jane Richey, photographer, director and producer, is based in San Francisco, and travels extensively for assignments as well. Her 20+ years'  of wide-range experience has made her an expert with lighting - in studio and on location, visual acuity, people skills (degree in cultural anthropology as well), not to mention Photoshop! It's fun, pleasant, and easy to work with her.

Jane's love of people, natural beauty, and even animals, is evident on her website - It's so important to see the beauty in diverse people, and show their unique qualities, while telling their stories. Jane currently specialises in lifestyle, with a fashion bent. She brings out wonderful energy in both adults and children.

Lately, clients have been in the healthcare field - Mayo Clinic and Washington Hospital (Fremont, CA)

Clients are Wells Fargo Bank, Adobe, Industrial Light & Magic, Weston Wear, Mozilla Firefox, Wired, SAP, Sega, Warner Brothers, Virgin Records - Journey & Neil Young - The Gap, Macy's, Intel, Oracle, Texas Instruments, Sierra Club, and many more.