Vegar Abelsnes

San Francisco - advertising photographers & directors

''At the age of 19 I packed a small backpack and an instamatic camera, and left Norway to go travelling around the world, in search of a greater purpose. After nearly two years of exploring – during which I experienced, saw, and tasted much of what the world had to offer – I discovered the irrepressible desire in me to photograph. My photography developed beyond an avocation, into both a profession and a lifelong passion.”

Vegar strongly believes in creating a collaborative environment and is known in the industry for the subtle, yet effective ways in which he directs all involved on a shoot – both on and off camera. His personable approach makes for a fun and relaxed atmosphere, regardless of the size and complexity of a production. His ability to capture spontaneous and unexpectedly telling moments – without sacrificing technical or aesthetic perfection – is a testament not only to Vegar’s professionalism but also that of his team.

In the words of Vegar Abelsnes: “The members of my team are the hardest working and coolest people you will ever meet. We only work with the very best people, resulting in productions that come off without a hitch, and within budget. As a result, we have a lot of happy, loyal and long-term clients. Life is short. Work with people you like.”