studio 26

Cape Town - locations

Located in Contermanskloof in the Durbanville Hills just 20 minutes from Cape Town, Studio 26 was built by fashion photographer Peter Schreiber to offer two individual and completely different sets to cater to clients' needs.

  • The Open Air Studio: An outdoor studio, purpose built to offer architectural lines and open sky. Paint or customize it any way desired - the sky is the limit!
  • The Lake Houses: A little village of wooden shacks and houses offering a rustic yet variable location. Any look is possible, from Montana to the Caribbean, Tom Sawyer to Bruce Weber.
 Fishing, swimming, hiking, partying, nautical or surfer-boy... you name it!

"At Studio 26 almost anything is possible... just talk to us!"

Visit the website or email studio manager Gisela Knopf for more information.