Gavin Schneider Productions Cape Town PHOTO & FILM PRODUCTION

Gavin Schneider Productions are gearing up for another busy season. With clients flocking in to capture South Africa’s unique beauty as a backdrop for their commercials and creative projects. Things are a little different this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the unbeatable beauty, value and professionalism afforded to you when you shoot with GSP.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, South Africa’s film industry is ready for action, albeit with the necessary attention given to social distancing, sanitation, symptom checks and personal protective equipment

Gavin’s team are drawing on the marvel of remote technologies to enable their international clients to direct and oversee productions, from wherever they are in the world. Using video conferencing and streamed camera feeds, Gavin Schneider Productions can create a full 360 degrees virtual set, transmitting feeds in real-time to partners anywhere in the world. 

Gavin Schneider Productions are looking forward to another great season and welcoming you back – in person or remotely – to the Mother City.

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