Charlie Lim B.K. is professionally trained in advertising and commercial photography. He is a veteran in the field with more than 30 years of experience. As a creative with varied talents and foresight, his projects have spanned diverse subjects such as food, product advertising and wedding photography.

Through years of research, Charlie has developed a new art form that he calls 'Light-Paintography' which dwells on the boundaries of fine art and photograph. In his portraitures, Charlie employs a Baroque approach of dramatic play of light and shadow where he “paints” his figures in the dark with a light source. The results resemble Rembrandt’s paintings and the term “Light” takes on a double entendre; the moving figures embody a sense of lightness with a hint of surrealistic whimsy.

Clients and recent projects include Top Corporation, Forum Architect - NUH Kid's Hospital, D’perception Ritz - Kallang Riverside Condo, Space Sense Studio, Cubic Communication and Aetos Holdings Pte Ltd.