Madrid - Locations & Studios

Located in the heart of Madrid in a unique warehouse, Camera-Studio is Madrid's premier full service photographic studio and equipment rental centre for both in-studio and on-location productions.

Camera-Studio benefits from its great location on a quiet courtyard ensuring total privacy for productions. The company has a complete inventory of photo and video equipment and is conveniently located at ground level, offering drive-in access. In-house equipment includes Broncolor, Profoto, Phase One, Mamiya, Hasselblad, Canon, Digital backs, Arri and Kin-flo. The 600 m² workspace is divided into two studios, each with unique characteristics:

  • Studio I features a 15.5 x 8.5 m kitchen, a 6.50 x 3.70 x 5.50 m cyclorama , hair and make-up area, 22.000W air conditioning and heating, Apple 27”, and Airport.
  • Studio II is mainly used for daylight shoots (blackout possible with curtains). It features a 12.5 x 8.5 m room, a giant 10 x 7m²  daylight roof, 7 x 3.70 x 5 m cornered cyclorama, kitchen, 18.000W air conditioning and heating, Apple 27", and Airport.

Other features include: a client lounge with sound system, three-phase power, Wi-Fi internet, private parking, catering, highly experienced staff prepared to execute any production no matter how complex, digital operators, casting services, post-production, colour and video editing services, and high-speed file transfer.