Bleed VFX

Barcelona - take offline

Bleed VFX is an award-winning post-production studio specialised in physical and dynamic simulations. Applying science, physics and mathematics, the company creates true-to-life renditions of fluid, fire, smoke, particles, cloth and more.

Working from its HQ in Buenos Aires, the team delivers for clients around the globe. Last year the company opened an office in Barcelona to be near to its European clients.

Bleed VFX’s breakthrough was a bald man in a hairy car. "Hair Conditioning" for Banco Santander Río was internationally recognised and won a Bronze Lion in Cannes 2010. The company has catered for well-known brands around the world who reach out to Bleed VFX to solve effects for commercials, music videos and films. VFX supervisor Paolo Cavalieri recently directed the VFX for Juan Jose Campanella's 'Underdogs'.