Addict Studios

Madrid - Locations & Studios

Addict Studios is a professional studio and camera equipment rental house supplying the best brands. Located in Madrid city centre, the company also offers more than 700m² of studio rental space with  drive-in access, and is the only official Spanish supplier of the new Phase One IQ280 with Mamiya 645+.

Addict Studios is the largest open and unobstructed studio in Madrid, providing maximum support to professional photographers, agencies and magazines. Addict Studios is always at the forefront, with the latest Profoto, Phase One, Mamiya, Hasselblad, Canon, Apple and Eizo equipment as well as any other new product to hit the market - for instance the new Profoto B1 is now in stock.

Latest productions in Addict Studios include Swatch, Samsung, Aki, Sanghay Tang, Once and magazines Marie Claire, Neo2, Glamour, Vanidad, Fuera de Serie, Smoda, Arte de Vivir and Avenue.

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