Zapping Produccions

Barcelona - Photo & Film Production

Zapping Produccions is based in Barcelona and has enjoyed over 10 years of constant growth. The team also works in Madrid, Mallorca and the Canary Islands and represents expertise in all areas of production.

Zapping produces all types of audiovisual work, including commercials, documentaries, music videos and films, offering full service, the best castings and locations in Spain, production and post-production.

"Why work with Zapping? Because we manage not only your needs, but we also get involved 200% on each project, offering a plus in quality and know-how. We make you feel part of our team, (it's our clients who say so) because we build strong relationships through our involvement in every production."

Clients include Nestlé, Jockey, Bvlgari, Orange, McDonald's, Lindt, JVC, Hyundai, Danone, ASUS and Volkswagen, among others.

In addition, Zapping offers its own set of directors who work on both domestic and foreign productions.