Barcelona - Photo & Film Production

Musaranya is an advertising production company located in Barcelona specialising in film, photo and CGI projects. Its book and reel show expertise in cars, interioris, kids, fashion, food, underwater, healthcare and service industry advertising. Clients include Seat, Volkswagen, Jané, Planeta DeAgostini and Danone.

Musaranya provides extensive lighting equipment and a top-of-the-range film and photo studio, suitable for every type of production. Entirely private, the 300m² workspace has a remote controlled floating ceiling for light reflection measuring 10mx10m and especially designed for car shoots.

Extra facilities include an exterior swimming pool (measuring 5.90m x 5.40m and 2.40m deep) designed for aquatic shoots. While located in a sunny spot there is a water heating system up to 27 ºC, along with a dry moat for cameras with five windows in deep water and one at mid-depth. There is also a structure to add black and chroma backgrounds.

Comfortable production spaces include meeting rooms, a wood shop service for in-house set-building, fully equipped and recently re-styled kitchen, make-up room, air conditioning, ample parking and direct access via the main entrance for all types of vehicle.