Delight Rental Services S.L. Andalucia


Delight Rental Services provides maximum support for professional photo and video productions in Marbella as well as Berlin, Stuttgart and on demand worldwide.

"Regardless of whether you‘re a photographer, film maker, producer, stylist or outfitter, DRS will serve your needs, suppliying a huge range of digital, lighting, production and styling equipment.“

Lots of new material, including ARRI M90, ARRI M18, ARRI Skypanels, V-Mount batteries, many new diffusion/reflexion material for the butterfly frames of all sizes: 20x20ft, 20x12ft, 12x12ft and 8x8ft, arrived in Spain recently. 

Not to forget the big new stands like Super Wind-Ups, Easy Lifter and Super Cranks, cable bridges, transport carts for cables and sand, among other production materials. 

Be sure to ask the team for unique equipment - finding solutions, even with custom built gear, is only one of their specialties!