Carlos Aranguren

Madrid - photographers

Carlos Aranguren is an award-wining and internationally published artist raised in Venezuela and based in Madrid, and available for requests worldwide.

He started his career as a photographer in 2014 after opening an Instagram account where he uploaded naive mobile pictures. Brands and media began requesting his services and, over time, Carlos decided to take things seriously. Driven and committed to delivering excellence, he bought a camera and undertook to quickly learn the techniques.

Carlos had studied Communications and experimented with different artistic disciplines such as painting, sculpture, graphic and interior design while building a career as a creative and brand consultant. Photography seemed like the perfect and natural platform to finally use all of his talents and express his native passion for aesthetics.

His work has been constantly labelled as elegant and emotive, and nothing makes him happier than pushing for excellence, blending passion and a thorough approach in every project.

Clients include China Tourism, LVMH, DIOR, DAMM, BUPA, Miss World Spain and Scharlau. Publications include HUF, CASA VIVA, Interiores, SMQ, Masmag, Forbes, Love, Cocina y Vino, Fuera de Serie, FirstFmag and Gentleman.