SPAIN ISSUE 843 Jun 2021

Tenerife Film Commission Tenerife LOCATION SERVICE AND SCOUTS

Tenerife's attraction as a destination for international advertising shoots is on the rise.

Major advertisers are filming spots on the island, supported by an increasingly solid local industry and a great variety of locations from beaches to mountains or urban spaces. 

Advertising filming activity in Tenerife has intensified in recent months. The new panorama following the Covid-19 pandemic has boosted the island's attractiveness as a safe filming set for international firms that used to travel to other territories beyond Europe.

The boom in advertising production has included local companies with a long history in production services such as Sur Film and Volcano Films, but also others that have recently settled on the island, such as Solworks.

Recent commercial work hosted in Tenerife:

  • The Swiss lottery Swisslos, the fashion company C&A, the German bank Postbank and Volkswagen, serviced by Sur Film
  • Louis Vuitton, serviced by Volcano Films
  • Global brand Zara and the Italian food company AIA, serviced by Solworks Film
  • Fashion editorials for Elle Magazine and El Corte Inglés, produced by Pop House.

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