Tuset Studio


Tuset Studios offers two stunning and modern studios and equipment rental: Manhattan and Aribau.

Located in Barcelona city centre, Tuset has 900m2 of studio rental space with car access. Aribau: 400m2 penthouse loft with 7m long x 4,5, width x 4m height cyclorama, and Manhattan: 500m2 ground floor industrial set with 11m long x 8m width x 7m height cyclorama.

The company provides a 24/7 premium full-service production with the latest equipment from top brands for all types of production both in-studio and on-location. It also provides you with everything you need for your production: catering, technical staff, assistants, transport and more.

Latest productions in Tuset Studios from our clients like Lefties, Desigual, Kawasaki, White Horse, Nathy Peluso, Esquire Magazine, and photographers like Txema Yeste, Nico Bustos, and Juankr.

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