Boudika Productions

Tenerife - Full Photo & Film Production and Services

Boudika Productions has worked on several photo and film shoots in Tenerife:

  • Polaroid with artists Miranda Makaroff and Ibby Njoya photographed by Fee-Gloria Groenemeyer.
  • New York brand Vince with stylist Monika Tatalovic, who dressed model Annely Bouma and actor Adrien Dantou, photographed by Sarah Blais (Chris Boal Artists).
  • London agency Futurimpose with Levis, photographed by Adrian Hernandez.
  • For HBO, they worked on the second season of '30 Coins" (HBO series) in Tenerife, directed by Alex de la Iglesia with actors Miguel Angel Silvestre, Eduard Fernandez, Macarena Gomez and Megan Montaner among others.