Anatol Gottfried

Barcelona - Berlin - Cape Town - photographers

Breathing life through the lens, Anatol Gottfried always moves close to the people he photographs. Positivity is and always will be the key in his pictures - in order to emphasise this, he employs methods and lighting abilities that promote a naturally distinctive appearance and feel. He lives with elements, contrasts and fragments.

Recently Cencora, previously known as AmerisourceBergen, unveiled their new brand and fresh graphic material to reflect their European presence. Together with Metadesign, Wonderful Machine and Sonda Productions Anatol lead the team in finding the ideal locations and cast, successfully organising a sizable production in Barcelona to realise still images and film in a range of sites around the city.

The future of urban mobility is rapidly changing with the introduction of innovative solutions such as electric vehicles and charging stations. As sustainability becomes a top priority for many companies, reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact is crucial. By implementing energy-efficient and green technology in their fleets, companies can not only reduce their emissions but also improve customer satisfaction. Together with EGM Studio and 14agency Anatol captured new imagery for the CUPRA Business Fleet.

After working the first half of the year under the sun in Cape Town, Anatol is looking forward to the European summer. Stay tuned for interesting projects being lifted soon. Anatol never stops exploring and is available to work worldwide. For more work check his website and follow him on Instagram.