SPAIN ISSUE 924 Jun 2023

Degler Studio Barcelona - Torino photographers

The story of Degler Studio cannot be fully understood without delving into the life of the person behind the camera.

Piotr Degler grew up in Spain amidst a family of musicians and architects. Influenced by both art and technology, and fueled by his passion for automobiles, he embarked on a journey after completing his studies to pursue car design in Turin. His path led him to Bertone, one of the world's prominent centers of car design. It was there, in this automotive design hub, that he began intertwining his daily work as a designer with his other love, photography.

The fusion of photography and his expertise in car design became the defining characteristic of his images. Through each photograph, Degler adeptly captures the essence of every design, conveying the masterful strokes envisioned by the creators. He skillfully reinterprets the perspective, lines, and volumes of some of the most significant production models and prototypes in automotive history.

Today, Piotr Degler is renowned as one of the industry's most esteemed photographers, having collaborated with legendary names such as Maserati, Pininfarina, and the timeless Ferrari. In 2016, he unveiled his first book, 'Carros de Cuba,' which showcased his remarkable talent. Last year, after more than a decade in the making, he released his highly anticipated coffee table book, 'Made in Italy.'

Degler's artistic journey exemplifies the extraordinary synergy between his passions for design and photography, solidifying his position as a remarkable figure in the field.

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