SPAIN ISSUE 933 Sep 2023

Marc Mallafre Barcelona photographers

Marc Mallafré is a versatile professional, serving as a creative director, art director, and concept artist. With an extensive career spanning over 25 years in the advertising industry, Marc has honed his expertise, particularly in the automotive sector. He also shares his knowledge as a professor of creativity and art direction at various universities in Barcelona.

While Marc has integrated AI tools into his daily workflow, notably Midjourney, it is his project, Carpocalypse, that fuels his newfound wellspring of inspiration. His distinctive visual universe revolves around three core themes: automotive, science fiction, and dystopia. Here, he diverges from the realms of advertising and art direction, channeling his creativity into the realms of concept art and cinematography.

Marc's artistic influences are diverse and include luminaries such as Stanley Kubrick, Syd Mead, Katsuhiro Otomo, and Denis Villeneuve. If you seek a conceptual touch for your project infused with a creative and artistic sensibility, look no further than Marc Mallafré.

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