Thomas Baumann

Zurich - Coporate, People and Outdoor Photographers

Thomas Baumann is a Swiss photographer based in Thun and Zurich, thus he’s close to urban life as well as the mountain wilderness. He's specialised in corporate, editorial and people photography and loves to realise his shootings in alpine spots, of which he knows quite many because he spends a lot of time doing freeride skiing and biking. He’s also experienced in air to air shootings with helicopters and worked with Air Zermatt several times. 

He loves to partner with his clients to develop a shooting idea but has also learnt in his career that a plan or an idea might not work and therefore improvisation skills are required. 

Thomas also knows how to achieve a connection to his subjects and let them feel at ease, as a result he gets honest and genuine portraits. "I love to shoot emotional, striking, candid photographs which touch the viewer and convey a strong feeling of that moment."