An extremely intensive and varied year is already coming to an end. The scouting duo was constantly on the move again this year and is grateful to be able to explore beautiful Switzerland with its architecture, endless passes, mountains and valleys, lakes and rivers, towns and villages for various customers and to learn about its facets to be surprised again and again.

At the end of the year, the location agency is looking forward to all the countless new indoor and outdoor locations for the archive, to all the new projects that are already being planned for the coming months.

Recent projects included Bentley with photographer Marc Trautmann in cooperation with WIDE Production Hamburg, Beldona with photographer Janna Tode, Credit Suisse and ON with directing duo Animals and Hillton, Tatort Zürich in cooperation with Zodiac Pictures, and many more.

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NOVEMBER OSCAR SIERRA WHISKEY wishes you a wonderful Christmas. Get some rest and all the best for the New Year!"