Mirjam Kluka

Zurich - photographers

"Driven by an impulse to capture the beauty in my subjects, I infuse my balance of playfulness and concentration into my work.

A joyful and relaxed mood on set complements my work, which is marked by the charm of the unexpected, a fascination with light, and an enthusiasm for humanity as my muse."

Born in 1981 in Aarau, Switzerland, Mirjam Kluka is a talented and independent photographer who specialises in portrait, beauty, and fashion photography.

Currently residing and working in both Hamburg and Zurich and with Czech origins, Mirjam has a passion for capturing the beauty of people. Her warm and compassionate personality creates an atmosphere on set that allows for the creation of unique and intimate pictures that showcase a deep sense of trust.

Mirjam is dedicated to the pursuit of capturing the perfect moment and is meticulous in her attention to detail. Her photography is founded on empathy and perfection, resulting in a faithful and authentic representation of her subject's essence and truth.