Wyatt-Clarke & Jones

London - Artists Management

Wyatt-Clarke & Jones represent 17 award-winning photographers and film-makers. Their newest addition is the incredibly talented Nick Ballón.

"We have worked hard to find ways to adapt throughout lockdown and Covid, and are now able to work safely and produce incredible work just like before.

Some of our recent projects have included: Natwest ‘Moneysense’, Tesco Clubcard and plasters, Skoda, Starbucks, Costa, AXE Pride, Paco Rabanne and the NHS.

Our photographers all continue to shoot their own personal work too, and many used the quiet time in early lockdown to produce new projects, such as Julia Fullerton-Batten’s ‘Looking out from Within’ which has picked up a huge number of awards, including the Portrait of Britain Awards and Lens Culture Critics Choice."

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